We make your interior bright and individual!
Pictures and Decorations
handmade in stock and to order
from professional artists from the St. Petersburg Workshop of Painting and Decorating
Tell us about your tastes and wishes,
Get an initial fitting of paintings to your interior
Get a full list of paintings and decorations with prices
-with higher art education,
-Work experience to order from 10 years,
-Participants in international and Russian exhibitions,
-all styles of painting
Welcome to our painting and decorating studio!
Tell us in free form what kind of painting or piece of decor you dream of.
If you've seen a similar one, please take a screenshot and attach a file.
Or you can simply write: I want to discuss a picture and we will call you back.
Tasty Art is not a separate artist hiding under an interesting name, it is a large workshop in Russia in the city of St. Petersburg.
-we carry out any volume of orders
-with the highest quality
-for optimal terms
-at a competitive price
about us
large workshop
in St. Petersburg
big team
optimal terms
high quality
any volumes
Our mission
Why the name Tasty Art and what is the mission of our company?
Tasty is delicious! Our concept is based on the fact that everyone has their taste in everything and you have to respect that! You would never eat food that you don't like the taste of even if everybody around admires it just because it doesn't taste good to you, well, unless it's a hard experiment that you're a part of. But the experiment is about trying at the moment and understand if you like it or not, and your home is a place of power, where you come back every day, and here every detail should make you happy, inspire, relax.
Beauty is in the details! We would add in the details, chosen solely for your taste. We do not just match the painting to the interior, we match the painting exactly to your interior, taking into account your taste and your mood.
Мы не делаем принты, наши художники пишут с чистого холста. Это только ручная работа, чистая творческая энергия

• более 1000 вариантов
• любые сюжеты
• все стили
• различные материалы, в том числе и комбинированные
бесплатно меняем цветовую гамму, элементы, размеры
А какую картину хотите Вы?
• по фотографии
• по эскизу
• по Вашей задумке или фантазии
• по тому, что Вы нашли в интернете
мы предлагаем:
Why are we so confident in the quality of our work?

Our quality:
Our team is our pride
Artists and decorators, who work in our studio
- only with higher art education from Russia
- at least 10 years of experience
- participants of international and Russian exhibitions
- own all styles of painting and decor
We are very lucky that we are located in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia, which probably has the largest concentration of artists, professionals in our country. Believe me, we had someone to choose from to give you the best results.
Pick the picture
professional approach
Paintings will be picked up by a professional interior designer for free.
Canvases on which we carry out work of premium quality from the production of our partners

• 100% cotton canvases
• High density 380g/m3
• Medium grain
• Acrylic base of 3 layers
• Canvas is stretched with a drum stretcher, the canvas does not sag, even on large sizes
• Thick pine stretcher 1,8 cm (0,7 inch)
• Custom sizes up to 140 x 290 cm (55 x 114 inch)
• Round shapes available
• Epoxy resin canvases are used with a backing of fiberboard
• Always includes a mount
All orders are carried out only with professional ecological materials with certificates from the best proven manufacturers. We do not skimp on materials.
We are not a private person, and the organization and conclude a contract with you, in which we clarify and prescribe all the details of cooperation, agree on all stages of work and payment procedures.
"I can't choose a painting, decor, I want something that fits the interior, pleases the eye, and fits into the budget"
99% of customers can't explain what kind of art object they want to see in their interiors, and this is normal. Our task is to help you decide and choose the picture of your dreams.
Our journey from your idea to the picture of your dreams
You contact us in any convenient way:
-Via WhatsApp
-Through social networks (IG, FB)
We send you 2 our catalogues: pictures and decor, so you first get oriented in the world of interior decor
Then our interior designer begins to select paintings for you for free
Questioning you in detail about all your wishes
Receives photos of the interior from you if the painting is ordered in the interior
Offers an unlimited number of free versions of paintings with a free trial in the interior
Orients you on prices that are fixed in most cases so you feel comfortable
You choose a painting
When the painting is selected, we make colour and other edits if necessary
We make a sketch
We coordinate the sketch
Conclude the contract
You make a 50% prepayment if the picture is out of stock, 100% payment if available
Start working on the picture
We finish it in the terms stated in the contract
Send you a photo and video of the picture
If everything is satisfactory, you transfer the rest of the payment
Then you decide if your picture needs a frame or not (usually there is no need for a frame). If it's necessary we choose a frame. You pay for it. We set it up
We pack the picture
We send it to you anywhere in the world with all documents
You enjoy the picture in your home)
We are a very client-oriented company.
You will be very comfortable working with us.
Pick the picture
A very frequent question: if I order a painting, especially an abstraction, from a catalogue, will it be identical to the sample?

We take this painting as a basis and try to create as similar as possible, the same materials, colours, tones, halftones, changing only moments and colours that we agree with you.
But an artist is not a printer and nobody can guarantee 100% similarity, but this is good. An artist puts his soul, professionalism and energy into a picture, even one painted from a sample. This is a living matter. The energy of creativity on canvas. No, even the highest quality prints can't compare to a live painting, with real colours, with the energy that comes from the canvas.

Your work will be as similar as possible, but at the same time unique. And it's great! To have a live painting at home is a completely different level of interior design.
Our artists are high-class professionals with extensive experience and work quickly and qualitatively
1. If we have paintings and decorations in stock - we send them immediately or bring them after payment
2. Paintings under the order acrylic we write from 2 to 7 days, depending on the size and a subject
3. Paintings under the order in oil we write from 2 to 7 days + they need 2 more weeks on drying
4. Epoxy paintings, if they are multi-layered, can take 1 to 2 weeks to produce, because the intermediate layers must also dry
5. Author paintings with mirrored elements take up to 3 weeks to make, as they require cutting mirrored elements
6. Reproduction of paintings with mirrored elements takes 7 days
7. Decorative articles can be produced from 2 to 5 days, except for the tables made of wood with epoxy resin. Our tables are manufactured in 2 to 5 days, except for the tables with epoxy resin.
8. Portraits we write from 5 days, as there are many stages of agreement.
9. Museum copies of famous masters we write up to 3 weeks.
The price of each work is made up of:

1.Size of the painting
2. Their detailing: all paintings are divided into 4 categories
3. Chosen materials
4. originality (original paintings are more expensive)
5. Quantity
6. Urgency: urgent order out of turn 1-3 days +10% to cost


In the catalog near each picture we indicate to which category it belongs - it is the last letter in the article: A, B, C, D.
Category A
  1. Simple Graphics
  2. Simple Abstraction
  3. Simple landscape, city, sea.
  4. Minimalism
Category B
  1. Complex abstraction
  2. Landscapes
  3. Simple botanical
  4. Simple animalistic
  5. Fluidart
Category C:   
  1. Animals
  2. People
  3. Complex flowers
  4. Complex objects
  5. Epoxy resin cut stone, abstract
Category D:
Very complex detail :
  1. People
  2. Animals
  3. Plot
-Choice of an unlimited number of paintings to the interior
-change of colour scale
-sketch preparation
-Use of structural paste, potaly, epoxy resin, stones as additional elements to the picture
+ gifts to choose from with every picture
We offer free of charge:
We work according to the following payment schedule:
-For pictures and decorations which are in stock - 100% prepayment.
-For paintings on order - 50% prepayment only after selection and approval of the sketch and 50% after submission of photos and video reports
How to pay:
Payment is made in 3 ways:
1) Pay Pal
2) Western Union
3)Money Gram
• 2 paintings-5%
• 3-5 paintings -10%
• 6-10 paintings -15%
• 11 or more paintings - 20%
Quantity discount system:
Pick the picture


To make sure your painting is delivered safe and sound, we have designed original and convenient packaging. Packaging already included in the price of any ordered painting or object.
1. Cardboard corners
2. Bubble wrap
3. Corrugated cardboard
4. Duct tape
5. Stretch film
6. Sheet fiberboard/ Rigid crate
• Russian Post from 15$
• EMS from 35$
• DHL from 135$
• UPS from 100$
• FedEx from 75$
We will make for you a catalog with your data and prices

There is a resource for interior solutions of large rooms - we can write more than 1000 large format paintings per month and make a large number of items
We cooperate with interior designers and decor stores on very interesting terms!
We collaborate with:
1. Restaurants
2. Bars
3. Cafes
4. Nightclubs
5. Beauty salons
6. Car dealerships
7. Medical centers.
8. Sports centers
9. Business centers
10. Sales offices
11. Businesses
12. Hotels
13. Hotels, recreation centers, guest houses
14. Schools
15. Children's institutions
➤ Decorate your space with interior paintings and decorations in a single concept of your business, emphasizing the individuality and adding status from the presence of handmade works in the interior.
Our resources allow you to paint a lot of paintings and make interior items without loss of quality in a short time:
• Individual manager and designer with support for the entire period of work
• Work on contract
• Quality materials
• On time
• Guarantee on work
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